UPS systems

The diesel-based UPS system uses a flywheel energy storage system instead of batteries. The components of flywheel UPS, diesel generator, redundant start module, and switch-gear are housed in an ISO container and can be deployed at any number of locations. The flywheels is used as an energy storage.

These provide the energy for both short-term power failure, as well as for long power failure to the diesel generator comes online and is available. With the flywheel system, 98% of all network faults are bypassed, without request and start the diesel generator set.

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The flywheel system operates with an efficiency of up to 98%, minimizing the losses in nominal rating. Furthermore, the systems are extremely low maintenance and operate without performance degradation in the temperature range of 0 - 40 ° C.

The maximum sound level is approx. 75 dB(A) at a distance of 7 m with genset operating.

The Diesel UPS System provides an electrical output of 500 kVA / 3 x 225 kW.

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