Containerized Caterpillar generator sets and tank container for oil field application

Emergency power diesel engine generator sets installed in soundproofed (85 dB(A) in 1 m) 40´ container. Additional for the Caterpillar set type 3516 one containerized 50.000 l storage tank is provided. The tank is equipped with electric heaters for -60 °C ambient temperature.

The arctic container is used to cover total outage of the main power station supplying oil and gas fields in the far east of Russia delivering crude to Russia´s and Japan´s markets.

The genset container is segregated into three compartments - one for the genset, one for the cooling device and one for control panels, ensuring to seperate high cooling air volume flow and sand from the engine room. It is provided with exhaust and ventilation system, day tank and a heating system for the extreme environment. Accumulation up to 4 m snow is not unusual.

1 x 2275 kVA container genset 3516

Diesel engine Caterpillar
Type CAT 3516 DI TA
Output 1955 kW
Speed 1500 rpm

Generator Caterpillar
Output 2275 kVA
Voltage 10500 V

1 x 1200 kVA container genset 3512

Diesel engine Caterpillar
Type CAT 3512 DI TA
Output 1000 kW
Speed 1500 rpm

Generator Caterpillar
Type SR4
Output 1200 kVA
Voltage 400 V