Preparation (De-mothballing)for oil production of an offshore platform for the region of Arabian Gulf

Self-sustaining Emergency power diesel engine generator set installed in a soundproofed special A60 fire rated container. The maximum sound level is 85 dB(A) at a distance of 1 m. The scope contains an exhaust gas muffler with spark arrestor, a diesel fuel tank, a lube oil tank, ventilation- and light system. All electrical components to Eex-d / Eex-de proof. Weather resistant steel, treated to corrosion resistance suitable for harsh off-shore environment or alternatively: stainless steel 316

Special requirements

Redundant diesel engine starting system with Ni-Cd-battery.
Fire detecting system with flame-, heat and smoke detectors.Gas detecting system. Warning system with status lights, warning light panels, electric horns and warning lights.
Combined with fire-fighting system: Extinguishing system (CO2 or alternatively water mist, Inergen , or FM200)

1300 kVA containerized diesel engine- generator set
Diesel engine Cummins
Type QSK60G3
Output 1048 kW
Speed 1500 rpm

Generator Cummins
Type DSG 86 M1-4L
Output 1300 kVA
Voltage 415 V

Insulation class IP 55

5 – 50 deg C
Humidity 100 % outdoor
very corrosive